by: Muhamad A. Joban

Last Sunday, January 23rd, Brother Shah Nawaz called me that he would to go to mosque with a white American which has intention to declare Shahada. I responded, please come.

Towards the evening prayer, brother Shah and his neighbor, Doctor Jason Huss came to masjid. Before Isha prayer begin, I privately brought Mr. Jason to the conference room, because I wanted to know reasons that attracted him to convert to Islam.

From the conversation, it turned out what made him interested in converting to Islam was because of the manners of brother Shah and his family. He said: “Shah and his family are so beautiful, very nice, never bad or hurtful words ever come out of them. Every Ramadhan I often got invitation to have dinner in their house. I love Pakistani food which was cooked by his wife.

Finally, two years ago I joined Ramadan fast, even though I have not converted to Islam. Thank God, since then I have never canceled my fast even a day. I really enjoy fasting. I can really feel the deliciousness of the food provided at iftar.”

Besides that, what made Mr. Jason interested in converting to Islam, was because at the hospital where he worked, there is a Muslim doctor who a virtuous man and consistent with his religion. Mr. Jason often caught praying in his office. He is always cheerful and smiles when he meets people. Never heard him complaining or showing irritation in his daily life.

Finally I started to ask questions about Islam to my colleague muslim doctor. I also googled Islam to know more about Islam.

That’s a bit story about the reasons Mr. Jason want to convert to Islam. How lucky brother Shah Nawaz and that Muslim doctor.

Like the words of the Prophet (PBUH): “Whoever invites (humans) to guidance, then for him a reward like the reward of those who follow him without reducing their reward in the slightest. And whoever invites (humans) to misguidance then he will get a sin like the sins of those who follow him, without reducing their sins in the slightest.”

So try to imagine, every Mr. Jason does any kind of worship and good deeds, brother Shah and the Muslim doctor will get his reward too.


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