Five prioritized deeds during Ramadan

By Imam Shamsi Ali*

The month of Ramadan is truly a month of many goodness and blessings. Allah and His Messenger promise the believers with more rewards and blessings during this month. Therefore, it’s highly worthy to do more and more rituals (ibadaat) and kind deeds during this holy month.

In addition to fast during the days of the month here are five important priorities to be put into action:

First: Tilawat Al-Qur’an (Al-Qur’an reading.

Ramadan is popularly known as the month of Al-Quran. During this month Allah revealed for the first time the Holy Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Reading the Qur’an is virtuous. But it’s more virtuous to read it during the month when it’s revealed (Ramadan).

It is worthy to remind that it will be more effective and rewarding that when we read Al-Quran, not only for ritual purposes. But also to understand its meaning with an intention to implement it. This is even more virtuous and rewarding.

Second: Istigfar and Taubat (asking for for forgiveness and repentance).

Ramadan is also popularly known as the month of forgiveness (shahru Al-gufraan). The month in which Allah opens His arms wide to forgive those who seek forgiveness and repentance (taubat) from Allah, the Forgiving and Most Merciful.

During the month of Ramadan we keep aside our physical and material pride and tendencies. This would enable us to realize our shortcomings and limitations, including our mistakes and errs. Therefore Ramadan becomes a given opportunity to seek Allah’s forgiveness and repent to Him.

Third: As-sodaqah (charity).

Ramadan is also popularly known as the month of charity (sharu as-sodaqah). The Prophet Muhammad was a very generous person. But during the month of Ramadan he became even more generous. Therefore he encouraged the believers to give more generously during this month to get multiplied rewards from the Most Kind and Generous (Allah the Almighty).

The month of Ramadan is certainly virtuous and full of blessings. Every deed of a believer will be multiplied in rewards and blessings. Therefore, giving with continuity (consistently) even in a small amount will be better and more rewarding.

Fourth: As-Sabr (patience).

The month of Ramadan is also known popularly as the month of patience (shahru as-Sabr). Through abstaining from food and drink and all that may violate and invalidate the fast the believers are training themselves to be more patient.

Patience is one of the highest value of human character in Islam. It is therefore, patience will be rewarded directly by Allah unlimitedly. Patience is needed particularly during this time of deeply challenging in our life as an Ummah. Surely patience not weakness and being apathetic. Instead, through patience we will be stronger and more courageous.

Fifth: ad-Du’a (supplication).

The month of Ramadan is also popularly known as the month of supplication (shahru ad-du’a). During this month Allah promises to reject “not” the du’a of any fasting person (du’a as-sooim laa yuraddu). In fact, among the most popular verse related to du’a (supplication) in the Qur’an is placed in between the verses of fasting (Al-Baqarah: 186). This is an indication of the importance of du’a during the month of fasting.

Therefore, during this blessed month of Ramadan engage Allah in du’a as much as possible. Know, Allah is happier when his servants ask Him for more. During this month particularly we need to humble ourselves to the Most Powerful One, that He intervenes to save and strengthen our Brothers and Sisters in Gaza, Palestina. This may be the least we can do for them.

And may Allah help them with His power. He is the Source of power and help: wa man nasru illa billah (and none can help but Allah).

Ranadan Mubarak. May Allah accept from all of us. Amin!

Jamaica City, 5 Ramadan 1445H

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